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The Farm

The Farm is home to a  herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle, chickens, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, horses, a herd of alpacas, bee hives, a flock of rare breed
grey faced Dartmoor sheep, 
Stanley the farm collie and an array of wildlife.

We now have a herd of rather majestic, grass fed, pedigree Longhorn cattle and have joined the Longhorn Society. These will be used for breeding and conservation grazing.  Longhorns were a rare breed, but partly because Heston Blumenthal singled Longhorn beef out as his idea of perfection they are now considered a minority breed. Our herd are only 6 miles from Central London and represent not only the highest quality of marbled beef, but also can reduce the carbon footprint of the restaurants buying our beef.


The farm has a busy shop selling, fresh eggs, local meats, fresh fruit and vegetables, freshly baked local bread, 100% pure honey from our own bee hives, jams, preserves, pickles and chutney, flour, cakes, biscuits, logs and coal.


Botany Bay Farm is situated in Botany Bay, a hamlet on the northern outskirts of Enfield. The farm is located opposite the junction of The Ridgeway (that links Enfield to
Potters Bar and the M25 motorway) and East Lodge Lane. It is about a mile
from the railway station at Crews Hill. We are on the 313 bus route
(Potters Bar - Chingford via Enfield Town).


Botany Bay gained its name by 1819, when CG Greenwood identified it on his map of Middlesex and takes its name from the former Australian penal colony, as it was located in the centre of the Elizabethan hunting ground of Enfield Chase and being inaccessible.


Botany Bay is also home to The Robin Hood public house and a thriving cricket club - Botany Bay Cricket Club, which hosts regular jazz nights and also plays host to
Cuffley Rugby Club, a petanque club, darts teams and meetings of the
North London MG Owners Club.

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