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Botany Bay Farm & Shop

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A family run, 76 acre working farm with shop selling local produce

100% pure Botany Bay alpaca, sheared, hand spun, hand knitted, beautiful exclusive headbands £28
and beanie hats £48 with gift box, now for sale while stocks last available in store.



Our Heritage

From the reign of Henry II the area was a forested hunting ground. By the 14th century the area became known as Enfield Chase. 


It is believed that Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth I) often hunted on the Chase after she was granted the estate of West Lodge Park by her brother Edward VI in 1547. 


After an act in 1777 the Enfield Chase estate no longer existed and became deforested. 


In 2020, 25 acres of the Botany Bay Farm is being reforested as part of an ambitious plan by the London Borough of Enfield in partnership with Thames21. 


In addition we have submitted further plans for planting over 5,000 new trees within the farm, further restoring the landscape, enhancing the biodiversity and creating more natural habitat for wildlife.  

Nature and Conservation

Longhorn cattle


We now have a herd of rather majestic, grass fed, pedigree Longhorn cattle and have joined the Longhorn Society.

These will be used for breeding and conservation grazing.

Longhorns were a rare breed, but partly because Heston Blumenthal singled Longhorn beef out as his idea of perfection they are now considered a minority breed. Our herd are only 6 miles from Central London and represent not only the highest quality of marbled beef, but also can reduce the carbon footprint of the restaurants buying our beef.

Bee on a Daisy
Bees at Work
Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb

Bee Hives


We now have twelve beehives - these honeybees are great pollinators essential for the planet.

Did you know? It takes a honeybee 10,000,000 trips to collect enough nectar to make 1 lb of honey!


We host regular community litter picks at Botany Bay and sponsor other local groups at
Hilly Fields and Lancaster Road.



For more information please email

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The Hertfordshire & Middlesex Wildlife Trust

No matter where you are in the UK, there is a Wildlife Trust inspiring people about the natural world and saving, protecting and standing up for wildlife and wild places near you.  The Wildlife Trusts has a nationwide network of 47 local trusts, dedicated to the achievement of a United Kingdom richer in wildlife. The Wildlife Trusts collectively care for more than 2,300 nature reserves and between them have more than 800,000 members.


The Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust cares for more than 40 nature reserves which provide protection for some of our rarest and most important wildlife, and much of the work to look after the reserves is carried out by volunteers. These reserves give people the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the rich variety of habitats which were once widespread in our counties.


Nature & Conservation
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